Our Mission

Indivisible Nation BK (INBK) is a Brooklyn-based group of concerned citizens working together under the auspices of #GetOrganizedBK to block and speak out against extremism, corruption, and authoritarianism in the Trump administration. We use the Indivisible Guide as the basis of our efforts to press our local, state, and national representatives to oppose the administration, protect democracy, and stand up for our communities.

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keep it up chuck:
thanks for withholding consent until the ahca gets public hearings!


Join INBK and 9 other NYC Indivisible groups (NY Indivisible, Indivisible Brooklyn, NYC Indivisible, Indivisible 9th, Indivisible: Do or Die, Indivisible Harlem, Up2Us and Caring for Us Indivisible) as we rally in front of Senator Schumer's office. The time is NOW to support Senate Dems for withholding consent for all Senate business until the Republicans move their AHCA bill out of secrecy and into the public. Bring signs! Or download THESE or THIS

5pm-6pm 780 Third Avenue NY, NY

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Tell Your Budget Story

We want to hear how Trump’s budget proposal, if enacted, would affect YOU and your loved ones.

Think about your daily routine. How would these cuts affect you and your loved ones in your daily life? Look through the list programs being cut here: Everything You Need to Know about Trump's Budget-CNN. Did you benefit from federal loan forgiveness? Do you have a loved one who gets meals on wheels? A child in public schools? Are you a scientist? Do you know a scientist? Rely on Medicaid? Benefit from clean air and water? Love NPR? Live in public or subsidized housing or know people who do? 

Submissions can be up to 500 words and can be emailed to story@indivisiblenationbk.org.  Please include your first name, age, occupation and city/ town. If you’re comfortable doing so, please include a photo of yourself. We will be posting stories continuously here AND sending your stories to our Members of Congress and Senators. #nocuts


Tell us what YOU think! What issues are most important to you? What kinds of actions do you prefer to take? Your input will help us make contacting your
Elected Officials easier and more effective! Take our SURVEY

countering democratic rollback

a Talk with lincoln mitchell

This Wednesday 6/21 at 7pm, INBK is hosting a special event, a talk with Lincoln Mitchell about democratic rollback in the age of Trump. Lincoln is an internationally experienced scholar who has studied democracy in places as varied as Russia and Africa. You will walk away from this evening knowing clearly how to distinguish between threats to democracy, versus those within it, and how to prioritize action in order to preserve democracy.  

RSVP now: counterdemocraticrollback.eventbrite.com

why we call

(the video series)

We are excited to share our first five videos in our series Why We Call, featuring Reps. Nydia Velazquez, Yvette Clarke and Hakeem Jeffries and Rep.Clarke's Communications Director, Patrick Rheaume. Hear directly from three Members of Congress and two staffers wwhy your calls, letters, questions at townhalls matter to them and are such a vital part of our democracy. Check out our other videos HERE

Steve Barton, Special Assistant to Sen.Schumer


SAY no to trumpcare!

Republicans in the Senate are trying to force a vote on the AHCA while everyone is distracted by the fallout from Comey's testimony. You can keep calling about Russia and Trump's obstruction of justice- but you should also call about the AHCA! More information and scripts for senators and reps HERE.