Our Mission

Indivisible Nation BK (InBK) is a Brooklyn-based group of concerned citizens working together under the auspices of #GetOrganizedBK to block and speak out against extremism, corruption, and authoritarianism in the Trump administration. We use the Indivisible Guide as the basis of our efforts to press our local, state, and national representatives to oppose the administration, protect democracy, and stand up for our communities.

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bulldoze the  budget

Call your reps and Senators every day this week with InBK's
5 Day Call Challenge focusing on different issues impacted by Trump's budget proposal -- scripts HERE

This weekend, INBK got creative with our tabling in response to Trump’s proposed budget cuts. We want to highlight how many different kinds of people depend on the myriad services Trump wants to gut, privatize or eliminate all together. See all our photos HERE and find all the resources you need to launch your own campaign HERE

general meeting 3/22

Huge thanks to Martin Brennan, Senator Schumer's District Director, for speaking to us and answering questions for an hour and half about how we can have an impact on the legislative process and realistically fight the Trump agenda. Thanks to all of the passionate constituents who joined us! We will be posting a summary soon.



Put your representatives in your speed dial!  Call them as often as you can -- daily, a few times a week, once a week. It doesn't matter how often, it matters that you feel empowered to call your elected officials.

They work for YOU!  

Check out our FLOOD THE LINES calling campaigns for scripts, phone numbers and all the information you need to make a call. 



Host a tabling event outside a well-trafficked place in your neighborhood. Get people in your community to sign letters and then hand-deliver a giant stack to your senator or congressperson. Or send them in the mail. 




Check out our EVENTS page for upcoming chances to get involved in person at our next tabling session, meeting, protest, or organizing event, as well as a number of important events being hosted by other groups in NYC and Brooklyn.

The next #getorganizedBK meeting will be on 3.27. It will feature NYS AG Eric Schneiderman and then will be an Organizing Bootcamp, with several different training sessions. RSVP for one of them HERE - space is limited!


current action:


Call your representatives and your senators every day for five days using these SCRIPTS!


MONDAY: Tell them we need the healthcare AND the NIH!

TUESDAY: Tell them housing is a human right!

WEDNESDAY: Tell them to save our public schools!

THURSDAY: Tell them to protect the planet AND science!

FRIDAY: Tell them Meals on Wheels and NPR matter!

Investigate Russia

FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the House Select Intelligence Committee made one thing clear: America needs a transparent and independent bipartisan investigation of Russian meddling in our election, ASAP. For more, click HERE

current letter

Write Governor Cuomo to ask him to revise the NY State Budget to match his rhetoric. This letter focuses on increasing funding for affordable housing and public education, extending the "millionaire's tax" and enacting meaningful criminal justice reform. Find the letter HERE

current action:

Wake up ways and Means

For more, click HERE

For more, click HERE

On March 9th, Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr. a member of the House Ways and Means Committee, introduced a Resolution of Inquiry, H.Res.186. This resolution would require the Secretary of the Treasury to submit President Trump’s tax returns for tax years 2006 through 2015 and documentation of any debts held by foreign governments and foreign companies to the House. 


current action:

Jam the judiciary

Tell the GOP: Choose Country Over Party! More info HERE

Tell the GOP: Choose Country Over Party!

More info HERE

Reps. Jeffries (D-N.Y.) and Lieu (D-Calif.) introduced a resolution in the House Judiciary Committee that could force Congress to vote on whether to demand documents from the administration detailing Trump campaign contacts with Russian officials.

The Judiciary Committee can approve it, clearing the way for a full house vote, or shut it down in the committee. Call and tell them to vote YES.


Tell NY State Senator Jesse Hamilton to Resign from the IDC

Jesse Hamilton's IDC membership hands power over to the Republicans in the NY State government. Send his office this letter demanding his resignation!


Don’t let Trump jam Neil Gorsuch into Merrick Garland’s Supreme Court seat!

More info HERE

conflicts of interest

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 3.09.15 PM.png

Call out Donald Trump on his innumerable conflicts of interest! 

More info HERE