Why We Call

We are excited to share our first four videos in our series Why We Call, featuring Reps. Nydia Velazquez and Hakeem Jeffries and Rep.Clarke's Communications Director, Patrick Rheaume. Hear directly from two Members of Congress and a staffer who is often answering your phone calls about why your calls, letters, questions at townhalls matter to them and are such a vital part of our democracy. Subscribe to our YouTube channel while you are there (once we reach 100 subscribers, we can get a custom URL).

Steve Barton, Special Assistant to Sen. Schumer

rep. clarke


Rep. jeffries

Patrick Rheaume, Communications Director for Rep. Clarke

Why We Call -- the Essay

Our very own Liat Olenick wrote a fantastic essay about why we ask you to keep calling your Members of Congress, even if you live in a "blue" state or district.

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