We aren't professional organizers; we are ordinary people committed to action in extraordinary times.

2018 is HERE and we have work to do. This year INBK will endorse local candidates, host meet & greets, register voters and organize opportunities for canvassing, phone banking and text bankin!
Interested in getting involved? Come to our general meetings the third week of every month! Sign up for our mailing list by emailing info@indivisiblenationbk.org.

Our Mission

Indivisible Nation BK (InBK) is a Brooklyn-based group of concerned citizens working together under the auspices of #GetOrganizedBK to block and speak out against extremism, corruption, and authoritarianism in the Trump administration. We use the Indivisible Guide as the basis of our efforts to press our local, state, and national representatives to oppose the administration, protect democracy, and stand up for our communities.

Nationally: We target our senators and representatives in Congress to fight extremism and corruption in the Trump administration and protect the institutions, norms, laws, and regulations that we view as essential to democracy and human safety.

State/Local: We target our city and state level representatives with the goal of protecting New York State and New York City residents and institutions from the extremism of the Trump administration.

Check our events page to find out where and when we're holding our next tabling session, meeting, protest, or organizing event!