Call your reps and tell them to SAVE OUR SCHOOLS.

According to leaked budget documents, the Trump administration wants to cut a whopping $10.6 billion in federal funding for education programs.

His proposal includes the elimination of $700 million in Perkins loans for disadvantaged students, $490 million worth of cuts to the federal work-study program that helps students work their way through school. It also takes a first step toward ending subsidized loans, for which the government pays interest while the borrower is in school, and ENDS loan forgiveness for public servants, leaving thousands of public servants with crippling debt.

And that’s not all.

Trump’s budget cuts funding for myriad NECESSARY services in K-12 schools, like mental health supports, grants for career and technical education, adult literacy initiatives, afterschool programs that primarily serve poor children, teacher training, health services, physical education programs, art and enrichment programs, and smaller class sizes. You know, things that help kids.

Meanwhile, Trump’s budget commits $1.75 billion to private school voucher programs and the expansion of charter schools, including $250 million to “study” the impacts of school vouchers. It also includes a whopping$1 billion taken from Title One funding to pressure school districts to make it easier for students to take their per-pupil funding to the school of their choosing, which would be devastating to already struggling low-income schools.

This investment in charter schools and school voucher programs means that K-12 schools would likely lose even more funding than indicated in the upfront $10.6 billion cuts, because charters and private schools will be able to recruit more and more students (and their per-student funding) from neighborhood schools. A funding loss of this magnitude could lead to the closure of thousands of public schools across the country. Adding insult to injury, private school voucher programs and charter school expansion have both been proven to increase school segregation without improving instructional outcomes for students.

Diverting resources from struggling public schools, low-income college students and crippling our public servants with debt to fund Betsy DeVos’s privatization agenda is NOT the “choice” we want for our children.

Call your senators and representative TODAY and tell them to oppose cuts to public school funding!

Every senator, every state, every office, every phone: (Thanks, Daily Kos)

Find your rep here:

Script: Hi, my name is… and I’m a constituent from… I am calling because I am very concerned about cuts to funding for public schools and public school students in the federal budget.
(Insert personal details here: I am a parent, teacher, student, graduate, I am a public servant, have student loans, etc.)

I ask that the senator/representative issue a public statement opposing cuts to public education funding for K-12 schools and college students, the unregulated expansion of charter schools, and the implementation of a federally-funded private school voucher program.