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textbanking primer

Want to help save America from Trump? Want Democrats to take back Congress? Don’t have a lot of time? Spend most of the day sitting at a computer?


Text banking is easy, effective, and works with YOUR schedule. While canvassing is still the essential, proven way to get out the vote for a blue wave, we know that not everyone can fit the hours needed for door-knocking into their weekly schedule. Phone banking is also a great tool, but you typically need to be available in the evenings to reach people.

That’s where text banking comes in.

You can text bank for progressive candidates ANY TIME, all day and into the evening. All you need is a laptop and 15-30 minutes of semi-free time. You can do it at work during lunch or at home while watching TV, and once you get really proficient, you can do it from your phone literally anywhere.

Here’s how it works:

Once you sign up, you’ll be invited to read up on the the texting platform or view the relevant resources. Most platforms will have you take a short quiz to make sure you 1) understand how it works and 2) are not a troll. (Don’t worry—it’s all open book!)

Then you’ll be invited to Slack. Remember chat rooms? Slack is basically a giant chat room organized by topical channels. You’ll be requesting texts on Slack, and using it to ask questions if you have any while you’re texting.

You’ll also need to log in to the actual texting platform, which will depend on which organization you are texting with. Whichever platform you’re using, you’ll be texting from your laptop through an app that has pre-populated initial messages for you to send. All you have to do is click the Enter key for a few minutes to send the initial texts, and then reply as needed, using the resources and canned responses provided. Best of all, there are MANY text banking platforms to choose from-- so you can pick the one that you like and then plug in whenever you have a free few minutes.

Here are the platforms we’ve been using, rated by ease of use:

BeginnerMoveOn, which uses Spoke, has tons of texts to send for Senate and House candidates as well as issue-based texts including a Save Scotus campaign. It’s an easy platform to join and navigate, with lots of support, so it’s great for your first texting experience or for people who find all this technology confusing. They also have a handy dandy video tutorial HERE!

Intermediate: Hustle
Indivisible uses Hustle, which is user friendly, and they are texting for Indivisible-endorsed candidates across the country. They did a ton of work for Andrew Gillum, who was just won an upset victory in the Democratic primary for Florida Governor!

TexpertOpen Progress
Open Progress is phenomenal. They have the most comprehensive resources of any platform and are texting for candidates across the country every day. That said, their quizzes are for real, and they have full-time staff on hand to review your texts (and they may ask you to make corrections). Once you’re in, however, it’s easy to sign on and request texts anytime and Knock, the texting app they use, is very specific and robust for a really thorough texting experience for you, the voter and the staff collected all the data.

Textpert: Red2Blue
Red to Blue is texting for NYC No IDC candidates Zellnor Myrie, Robert Jackson, Jasi Robinson and Alessandra Biaggi. They also have texts for PA, OH, CA and MI candidates. They use Relay, a user friendly and very thorough texting platform.

What are you waiting for? Pick a platform and get texting!


Have you ever used ResistBot?  Wondered what it was? Thought it might be too complicated? Not at all!  It’s a fast, fun, and EASY way to write to your Members of Congress, your Governor, and even 45 himself.

All you have to do is text the word “RESIST” to 50409, and ResistBot will guide you through the sign-up process right in the text message.

Anytime you want to contact your electeds, type “resist” to 50409!

You can even paste INBK scripts right into your text and use them as the basis of your communication -- and ResistBot will send your message right to them via electronic message, fax, or even in the actual mail (and they pay for the postage)!

Get more information, then get started!


calling cards

Want to have your Members of Congress contact info handy? Download our Calling Cards!