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Protect Mueller

My name is ______and I’m a constituent from _____. I’ve been following the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and a foreign power in the 2016 election, and I’m very concerned that the investigation is being undermined by the Trump administration and by members of the House Intelligence Committee, including Devin Nunes.

Will the senator/representative stand up to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, and sign on to S. 1735/H.R. 3654, the Special Counsel Independence Protection Act, which would require a judicial panel review before Mueller could be fired?

Will the senator/representative sponsor S. 1741/H.R. 3771, the Special Counsel Integrity Act, which would allow Mueller to challenge any possible termination in court?

Will the senator/representative push the House Intelligence Committee to continue their work and schedule public hearings in 2018, instead of trying to shut this essential investigation down?

And will the senator/representative issue a public statement making his/her support for Mueller’s non-partisan investigation clear?

Nuclear Codes + 25th Amendment

My name is _____  and I am a constituent from ____.  I am writing because I am extremely frightened about the possibility of nuclear war with North Korea. I ask that you co-sponsor and support S. 200, the Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act, and do everything you can to ensure that it comes to a full Senate vote. I also ask that you work with your colleagues to condemn Trump’s impulsive threats, and work to create a commission to evaluate Trump’s mental fitness for office. He is endangering all of us with his recklessness and narcissism. Will the senator support such a commission?