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Vigil to Save Healthcare (from Rise + Resist)

New Yorkers! Please mark some time between 5pm next Tues June 20 and 5pm June 21 to gather outside the Trump Intl Hotel @ Columbus Circle and take part in this 24-hour vigil to save American healthcare! Next Wed June 21 is a NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION to say NO to stripping millions of MEANINGFUL healthcare. While media and the public have been obsessing over the Russia hearings, the Senate has quietly been moving forward a stealth Obamacare-repeal/Medicaid-phase-out bill that may hit the full Senate floor as early as the week of June 26! Inside reports say it's very similar to the horrible AHCA bill the House recently passed...and that Senate only needs 2 undecided votes to pass it! We have no undecided senators in NY (thankfully) but we can still be part of this National Day of Action to send a message of outrage to lawmakers trying to repeal crucial healthcare for millions in favor of tax breaks for the superwealthy! Please gather your friends and allies and join us! I'll be there from 5pm til well into the night on Tuesday.