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Climate Solutions Town Hall

Brooklyn College, 2705 Campus Road, Brooklyn, NY 11210


As part of the Superstorm Sandy fifth anniversary week of action, 350Brooklyn and Brooklyn College Urban Sustainability Program invite you to our upcoming Town Hall on climate change. The Climate Solutions Town Hall on October 24th is an important opportunity to demand that our state legislators provide meaningful leadership and take aggressive measures to address the crisis of global warming.

Our panel includes representatives from New York Renews, the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, Turn the Tide and Sean Sweeney, Director of the CUNY International Program for Labor, Climate and Environment. All State Senators and Assembly Members representing Brooklyn are invited, and we look forward to engaging them in this critical conversation.

As Trump succeeds daily in his war on the environment--dismantling regulations that safeguard the land, water and air, protecting the fossil fuel industry and accelerating climate change--states must take action and our representatives must be held accountable. Rising temperatures, devastating storms, and increased flooding are all major problems in Brooklyn and New York State, and will only get worse as we continue to heat the planet. Join us in urging our elected officials to build resiliency in our communities, and make New York a global leader in the fight against climate change. On the 5th anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, we put our state politicians on notice: engage for change!