Liat, Brooklyn, NY. 


"...I arrive in my classroom and start setting up for the day. My school relies on Title One funding for low income schools from the federal government and serves a diverse population of students and families. Although Title One funds are safe in the new budget, we also host a federally funded free after school program. Hundreds of our kids do their homework and eat their dinners as part of this program. For now.

Many of my students receive occupational and physical therapy provided through Medicaid — -for now. These are services my students desperately need. With cuts to Medicaid, school districts across the country may have to cut funding for these services for children..."

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Miriam, Brooklyn, NY. 


"When I think about it, it all comes down to breathing.

I have asthma. When I was a kid the polluted air in my home city made each August literally suffocating. The air there is cleaner now. Without the EPA I’d be choking again.

My parents had asthma and before that had TB, a deadly disease which re-emerged in the 80’s and 90’s but has been tamed if not vanquished due to NIH funding and CDC vigilance.

My daughter has asthma, too, which means she has had a pre-existing condition since age 8. Under Trumpcare, no insurer will be required to cover her..."

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